To me, interesting photography is about interesting light. Good light takes many forms. It can occur naturally during “golden hour” sunsets and sunrises or at other times when diffused through a medium. When harnessed skillfully and artistically, powerful colors and hues found in natural light can yield stunning images.

Good light can also be “manufactured.” Utilizing equipment as complicated as computer-controlled variable output strobes or as simple as a reflector, photographers can create, mould, modify, color and control light as they wish to make their images.

I’ve studied some of the great light-craftsmen of photography. The Strobist, David Hobby, taught me how to take the flash off the camera and that opened up a whole vein of learning. Other photographers such as Joe McNally and Zack Arias have inspired me with the way they combine an artistic eye with highly technical acumen. I work to employ techniques I’ve gleaned from these masters as well as those I’m developing myself as I make my images.

I’m fortunate to travel for a living. (My other job.) As an international pilot, I get to travel all over the world and see much of this majestic Earth. I’ve seen the sun set over the pyramids, and I’ve seen the sun rise over the ocean in South Africa. (Big mosquitoes there.) Being exposed to so many varied landscapes, cultures, and decor helps me continue to grow my creative eye and improve my images.

While I enjoy most facets of photography, my true passion lies with portraiture. I love helping people look their best through creative and technical means. The relationship with the client is paramount, and I strive to make them feel at ease so we can create compelling images together.