Anna from Itay(non-registered)
Love your instagram's pics e your photos, keep going! :D
Carpet is my daddy(non-registered)
I thought that there was going to be more carpet but I’m DISSAPOINTED but I still love you
Didn't expect a bunch of cool photography on here. I expected some carpets on this site.
I saw your daughter's Instagram post and started following! Was shocked and happy to see a fellow Dallas's with a passion for travel and photos! I got another great surprise looking at your website and seeing my current home city Istanbul featured! Such a great shot. Keep up the funny carpet photos and the great work on this site.
WoW!! Beautiful, it a relaxing pleasure for the eyes to see your pics. Especially Amsterdam, the canal Prinsengracht, looks much more beautiful than in reality!

Keep on with taking pics.
Hi i like ur instagram pictures
Hope you have a great holiday with your family and new carpet fame!!
Came by way of a reddit post of your daughters tweet. Love the carpet, and your personal photography is so inspiring!!!! I’m a photographer too, and I love your way of seeing light and beauty, whether it be in the sky or in portraits or even something as often-forgotten as carpet. Especially love your shots in Alsace... I’m visiting there for the first time in 2018 and hope to get some pictures as nice as yours!!!!

All the best in your travels, art, and carpet discoveries!!!
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